The WARGAME-research project is divided into the following work packages. Individual funding applications are modulated and each WP can be adapted, changed, or temporarily put on hold to adjust the framework to the content and financial frames of specific calls.

WP 1: Project Management, UiT Tromsø
Project leader: Holger Pötzsch

WP 2: Game Analysis & Contextualisation: Narrative Devices, Game Mechanics, Rules, and Affective Design, UiT Tromsø and University of Gothenburg
WP leader: Holger Pötzsch

WP 3: Player Experiences & Perceptions: Ethnographic Approaches, University of Bergen
WP leader: Kristine Jørgensen

WP 4: Experimental War Game Design & Development, London South Bank University and Charles University in Prague
WP leader: Vit Sisler

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